Pointers for Cleaning Polished Concrete

A polished concrete floor always leaves a stunning impression to anyone who visits your home. According to concrete residential MN experts, polished concrete floors are quite durable because of the polishing and densification process involved in their creation. They are also easier to maintain than other kinds of decorative concrete flooring and do not require any sealers or waxes. If you have a polished concrete floor in your home here are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep it Simple

According to concrete residential Minnesota  specialists, a simple maintenance regimen consisting of occasional dusting in order to remove grit and then some damp mopping can do wonders to maintain and enhance the shine of your flooring. There are some commercial products available in the market today that not only cleans the surface but also leaves behind a dirt-resistant film. These products can be applied easily using a mop or an auto scrubber without necessarily having to use a buffing machine.

If you noticed that your polished concrete floor has begun losing its luster, a simple buffing up of the surface using a commercial polishing agent more often than not does the trick. If more work is needed the floors can be re-polished lightly using a fine grit abrasive.

Correcting Minor Flaws

Cracks, scratches and the like can be repaired with the correct patching material. If there is extensive cracking then there might be a need to do some resurfacing work using an overlay. In some cases, it can be quite possible to accentuate existing floor cracks to make them look like they are part of the original floor design. This is made possible using staining and saw cutting methods.

Correcting Discolorations

If applied properly, concrete dyes and stains usually penetrate deep enough into the surface so as to provide a permanent color that will not flake, fade or peel. However, acid staining requires a bit more attention as they react chemically with the concrete and in the hands of an inexperienced concrete contractor cause color variations that are not planned. This can be corrected using a tinted sealer to change the color entirely or the application of a new type of stain or dye.