How to Keep Your Decorative Concrete Floors in Top-Top Shape

As a rule, there is no type of flooring material that is absolutely maintenance free; the same is true for decorative concrete. While it is true that concrete floors are quite easy to maintain compared to other kinds of flooring, they sill require some form of regular attention.  According to concrete residential Minnesota  experts, the extent of maintenance your floor will require depends largely on the degree of traffic it gets. As such, the maintenance requirements of a residential floor is very much different from a floor in a commercial high-traffic environment.

Her are some general maintenance tips to keep in mind.

In most scenarios, residential concrete floors usually experience light foot traffic and a simple but effective cleaning regimen consisting of damp mopping and sweeping can keep it looking good for many years.  If you want to add an additional layer of protection, concrete residential Lakeville MN experts recommend the installation of a film-forming sealer and finished off with a film of wax to ensure good resistance against stains and most especially abrasions.

Avoid Saw Cut Designs

It is recommended that you avoid floor designs with saw cut designs as the narrow edges make it prone to trapping dirt and debris which we all know can be quite difficult to remove once they get stuck there.   It is also recommended to use a reliable floor sealer, which not only provides a good layer of protection it also can extend the life of your floor significantly.

Dependable Floor Wax

In order to provide an extra layer of protection against dirt, abrasion and stains you need to use a dependable commercial-grade floor wax that was made specifically for concrete floors. This will help protect the sealer protecting the floor and is quite easy to reapply.

For areas that are considered high-traffic zones you can minimize wear and tear by utilizing floor mats inside and outside entrances and foyers.  It is also recommended that you follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your concrete floor contractor to ensure you decorative floors are always at their best.