How to Integrate Aging in Place Design for Your Custom Home

The greatest thing about building a custom home is it gives you the opportunity to design a home that will be able to fit all your needs not just now but your future needs as well.  If you are considering getting a custom home, homebuilder Montgomery TX specialists recommend that you integrate aging in place design elements that will allow you to live independently and quite comfortably as well to the point that you will not have to move into an assisted living facility in your twilight years.

Wider Doorways

In order to allow a wheelchair or walker easy access, each doorway and hallway in your home needs to be at least three feet wide. In a remodel setup, this change is incredibly challenging not to mention expensive which is why it would be wise to integrate this feature in the original design of the custom home.

Level Flooring and Entrances

According to custom builder Cypress TX specialists, at least one entrance to your home must be level or at least feature a ramp for easy access. This not only allows convenient entry but also reduces the chances of falls.  It is also important to mention that the flooring inside the home needs to be even as well. Smooth transitions across different rooms as well as varieties in flooring surface is recommended.

First Floor Owner’s Suite

The owner’s suite needs to be integrated on the 1st floor of the house and should include a full bathroom as well. Likewise, the laundry area should also be on the first floor too. When you get older chances are you will not appreciate having to go up and down a flight of stairs everyday. By constructing a one-story home you make it convenient for you to age in place.

Safe Bathroom

Each year thousands of hip operations are performed in the US on elderly individuals due to some mishap in the bathroom or stairs.  Without a doubt, bathrooms are the most expensive to remodel and therefore should be ready with age in place features from the get-go.  It is recommended to have slip-free floors; zero-entry showers as well as showers that have a seat option.  Grab bars should also be in place to assist from sitting to standing. While you do not necessarily have install the handles when the house is being made, installing the proper anchors for them now will save you a lot of time and effort in the future.