What Does Square Footage in a Home Really Mean?

When it comes to purchasing a home or building one you have no doubt come across terms like square footage and the like and most of the time you probably just nodded in agreement to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation. On the other hand you do know what this means with regard to your proposed home but do you really know for sure? Here is a bit of an explanatory guide.

According to new homebuilder Blue Jack National TX experts, square footage can be explained in three parts. The first is the square footage itself, second is the materials involved in the construction and lastly has something associated with the needs of the buyer as well as his personality.

Raw Number

Square footage in a property is a raw number in itself. It consists of several factors actually such as:

Home design – offsets, sophistication of the rood and spans affecting cost

Livable aboveground space – normally the 1st floor, 2nd etc.  Builders may integrate a family room with a two-story ceiling as the square footage for the second floor.

Other Spaces – this could also refer to a percentage of space in other places like the garage for instance.

Underground Space – this could also be a percentage of an underground space such as the basement.

According to ccustom home Tomball TX specialists, having different layouts available is perfect for both individuals and families when it comes to home design.  However, this can also quickly change the price per square foot.  For example, the addition of another bathroom on the 2nd floor section by acquiring space from another room like a hallway or a closet. You will need to make the space more functional, thereby increasing the end cost per square foot. Bathrooms require more commitment than a simple closet so a house with two-and-a-half bathrooms as opposed to one with one-and-a-half bathrooms could have the same square footage but the cost could be different per square foot.