Why a Rear Entrance Foyer would Benefit Your Home

For homes that have an attached garage, new home Magnolia TX experts say that 92% of the time you go in and out of your home utilizing the door between the garage and the home as opposed to the main entry door.  A long time ago, attached garages were quite popular, as there exists a utilitarian purpose like using it as the main laundry area rather than a basement laundry. However, would you really like to be greeted by piles of unwashed laundry at the end of a grueling workday?

Rear Foyer Amenity

In today’s new home construction the laundry/mudroom has evolved into the rear entrance foyer and like the front foyer receives very little in terms of design aesthetics.   According to custom builder Willowcreek Ranch TX experts, it is all about livability these days. Who would not want a coat storage or perhaps a small bench to remove shoes plus some storage beneath? Do you hate it when the kids ask you where their science project/backpack/gym clothes/lunch money is in the morning? Add lockers in the rear foyer for each child so everything is there on their way out.

Drop Zone in the Rear Foyer

The drop zone is considered one of the mot popular amenities today. Imagine coming home from a stressful day, you will need a dedicated place to put your keys, mail, bag and electronic gadgets right?  The answer is the drop zone. It is the most essential thing that can free up an over cluttered kitchen island.

Great for Pets

In homes where pets are king, pet centers can be integrated into the design of the rear foyer complete with storage sections for food, built-in kennels and even a wash area. If you have pets you know they do not ask for permission when going inside the home complete with dirty, muddy paws. Ask your builder to integrate a rear foyer in your home.